AWASH® Floating Dock System

A new option in floating docks

The AWASH® Floating Dock Systems is a modular and kitted all-composite and stainless steel floating structure that can join to other float modules to form a dock structure in multiples of 8’ long x 4’ wide.  Very different from traditional roto-modled plastic floats, these FRP float tubs are chemically and UV stable and will not decay or leech residual plastic into the environment.  Using a simple hitch pin style bracket, these dock systems can be launched and connected by the homeowner or a chosen contractor at substantially reduced costs from traditional stick-built floating docks. These floating docks can be easily removed from the water at the end of the season.
Our structures accept numerous options including:
-Cleats/tie downs 
-Electrics hookups 
-Extreme weather cabling/anchors 
-Fenders Fender boards 
-Heat tape Lights/lighting 
-Runway beams 
-Runway brackets/links/hitches 
-Shore-side brackets/hitches 
-Water hookups



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