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AWASH® Fixed Dock System

A Modern Solution to Water Access

The AWASH® Fixed Dock System is a 20 ’long x 5’ wide modular and kitted all-composite and stainless steel fixed structure that can be joined to other modules to form a structure that is multiples of 20’ long x 5’ wide. This structure is adaptable to the topography of the installation location with our composite pilings of virtually any length. These structures reduce the environmental, physical and visual impacts of a traditional dock system. They are UV and chemically stable and do not rust or corrode. The embedded strength requires less pilings and can be raised or lowered without removing structure. These dock systems can be assembled by the homeowner or a chosen contractor at substantially reduced costs from traditional stick-built fixed docks. 
Our structures accept numerous additional features including: 
-Bird deterrence 
-Cleats/tie downs 
-Electrics hookups 
-Extreme weather cabling/anchors 
-Fenders/Fender boards 
-Gallows frame 
-Heat tape Lights/lighting 
-Piling caps 
-Rail-cap wood 
-Runway beams 
-Runway brackets/links/hitches 
-Shore-side brackets/hitches 
-Solar panels 
-Surge vents
-Water hookups 
-Wind/weather indicators 
-Wire railing inserts